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How to change app name?

  • Open Android Studio > app > res > values > strings.xml
  • Enter your app name inside "app_name" string tag:
    <string name="app_name">eCart Manager App</string>
  • You can also change other string text here.

  • How to change package name?

  • If in you android studio Manager App Project already compact middle package unchecked then you can skip step 1.
  • Step 1
  • Unchecked "compact middle package".

  • Step 2
  • There are three folders that you can change their name.
    1. wrteam
    2. ekart
    3. manager
  • Select particular package, Open option menu > Goto Refactor > Rename

  • Step 3
  • Change package name from here
  • Click on refactor

  • Step 4
  • Click on Do refactor, Package name will be changed.
  • You can change package name three of them one by one.
  •       1. wrteam
          2 .ekart
          3. manager

  • Step 5
  • Change package name in app level gradle file.

  • Step 6
  • Set same package name in AndroidManifest.xml file.

  • How to change admin page url in application?

  • Go to android >app >java > com.wrteam.manager > helper >
  • Change admin panel url & JWT Key instruction given in below image.
  • Also change JWT Key instruction given in below image.
  • Note : JWT secret key is just like password & You can create your own.It should be same in ekart app, Manager App app,as well as php side.

  • Create Firebase Project for Application.

    • We ned Firebase project for Firebase PushNotification.
    • Here is steps for craete project.
    • Goto
    • You have to create ekart delivry boy firebase app in exist ekart firebase app.
    • If you are going to create saperate project for eCart Manager App:
      1. Reset password service will not work.
      2. Important thing is Manager App will not get order assign notification as well as all kind of notifications.
    • Select project which you are created for Ekart app & go to EKart Project's dashboard.
    • There are few steps to create Manager App android firebase app.

  • Step 1

  • Step 2

  • Step 3

  • OR Step 3

  • Step 4

  • Step 5

  • Step 6

  • How to configure app settings for web and app?

  • This app can be used for single vendor eCart app and for eCart Single Vendor Website also.Configurations is as per below
    1. set manager = 0 for if you are using only app
    2. set manager = 1 for if you are using only web
    3. set manager = 2 for if you are using both app and web

  • Note for OTP Not receiving issue need to follow these steps
    1. Add sha1 and sha256 in firebase from android studio if its debug appname-link
      *If play console app available than, Add sha1 and sha256 in firebase from playconsole if testing by release apk.
      *If play console app not available than do the follow steps
      1. Download keystore explorer (Download link :
      2. Install keystore explorer
      3. Open keystore via keystore explorer
      4. Enter password
      5. Click your keystore name
      6. Then you will get the sha1 & sha256 key add that both key in firebase
    2. Enable device verification from firebase (Documentation is there)
    3. Add json file new downloaded (after add sha1,sha256 and enable device verification)
    4. Again run app from playstore or create new apk and check

    How to change app language?

  • If you want to change the app language to your regional language follow below
    1. Go to res (folder) > values > strings.xml, Change all string's values in you language. (Note : If you are changeing privacy policy and terms condition string then the word which you use in 'privacy_policy' and 'terms_conditions' these two words should be same in 'msg_privacy_terms' string.)

    2. Go to activity >
    3. Go to Line number 117 to 123 uncomment it.(Remove '//' from these lines).

    4. Open copy the code of your language.
    5. Go to Line number 73 uncomment it.(Remove '//' from this line) and replace the parameter with your language code.

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